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for her. >> the relationship was crucial to him. >> reporter: andrew was a friend of dimaggio's. >> he had no other family. i think he had to find a surrogate family and that's what he did. >> reporter: for 16 years, dimaggio was part of the anderson family, even helping out with the kids when brett took a job in tennessee. >> woe help get my son to football practice on days that hannah had dance or whatever. he was constantly there for me. >> reporter: and constantly there with the kids. hannah was a typical teen. >> she's a little shy, little bit of a ham bone at the same time. she got an award at school. she's my pinky pal. we have a little pinky pal handshake we do. she just started pop warner cheer. i think this was her second year because ethan was playing football for pop warner. she was going to be the cheerleader for his team. >> reporter: 8-year-old ethan loved football. even more, fishing. >> i love to fish. little "e" and i went about a month ago fishing at lake jennings. he was putting the worms on for me because they wrinkle up and are gross. i just remember him saying, aunt
with the dog and mom christina to jim dimaggio's house. he had been asking the andersons to visit for sometime. >> we're getting together for some type of family gathering. >> bill gore is san diego county sheriff. >> jim led people to believe he was going to be losing his house and this was going to be kind of a farewell party at his house. >> reporter: for hannah and ethan it had always been lots of fun. bret anderson is their father and christina's husband. >> the kids, even myself when i was in san diego would go up there and stay the night and we'd ride a go cart or do whatever, you know, being like camping out because of his cabin. >> the man they called uncle jim one of bret's best friends had known the kids since they were born. >> jim was a very good friend of the family. >> reporter: jennifer willis and christina grew up like sisters. jen and tina both part of a big and boisterous extended family. >> he spent time with us and we loved him. he was fun. he was a great guy. tina was a good friend to him and he had been with her and our entire family for many, many years while the kids w
the giants, we are also celebrating a real tribute to the best baseball legend in history, joe dimaggio! [ applause ] as our librarian just said, the very first meeting i took, even before he was sworn-in, after i was elected was about this library. and i got to tell you, that was only four years of a ten-year struggle. there have been hundreds of meetings coming together. there are high school students today who were preschool students when we started this conversation. and i have to tell you as we all know, it takes a village to raise our kids, but it has taken many villages to build this library. i want to start first and foremost by thanking three mothers, who helped to lead friends of joe dimaggio, julie christinsen, lizzy diaz and lizziehurst, thank you for all you have done. [ applause ] and i also want to take a moment and thank all of the parents who are here of all the different schools that we have. yes, franklin middle school, garflied, st. peter and paul, what am i missing? sherman, telegraph hill. thank you all for what you are doing. i also want to thank those who have be
, a long-time family friend. bizarre new details are emerging about the case and suspect james dimaggio. records show hannah and dimaggio called each other 13 times before he allegedly killed hannah's mother and brother and then kidnapped hannah. san diego authorities told the los angeles times that hannah is a victim and was, quote, not a willing participant. also, authorities seized letters from hannah from dimaggio's home along with a handcuff box, dna swab kit, used condoms and hannah has mentioned the ordeal on numerous social media posts saying she never told her parents about dimaggio's crush on her because he was her dad's best friend. joining us now psychologist wendy walsh joins us from los angeles. attorney holly hughes joins us from atlanta. good to see you both again. thanks for coming back to talk with us about this. i want to start with you. let's get your reaction to the 13 calls hannah dimaggio exchanged that we're learning about now and the letters from hannah found in dimaggio's home. what do you think about that? >> i'm actually not surprised. i've always had suspici
gray, nbc news, birmingham. >>> chilling new details about suspected murderer and kidnapper james dimaggio. unsealed search warrants say he tortured hannah anderson's mother and brother, then set his home on fire with them inside. he then abducted hannah who has since been rescued. dimaggio also shot and killed the family dog. the exact nature of the alleged torture is unknown but when police arrived at dimaggio's burning california home, they found 8-year-old ethan anderson, his body so badly burned, it took days to identify. they found 44-year-old christina anderson under a tarp in the garage next to a crow bar. dimaggio was a longtime friend of the andersons killed saturday in idaho during a shootout with police. officials suspected dimaggio's sister may have been helping him the day he abducted anderson because of a, quote, unusually large volume of calls. new scrutiny this morning. famous photos show president obama hunkered down in the situation room as navy s.e.a.l.s carried out the raid to kill osama bin laden. now the president's former bodyguard, body man reggie love, says the co
what was going on before the teen was abducted on august 4. investigators say james dimaggio exchanged more than a dozen calls beforehand now was picked up from cheerleading practice. both phones everyone turned off a few hours later. dimaggio took hannah on several recent day trips to mall but and hollywood. the day of the abduction officials believe dimaggio's sister was possibly helping dimaggio with the two speaking on the phone that day. hannah's mother and brother were tortured and killed before the house was set on fire. the f.b.i. rescued hannah on saturday and killed dimaggio during the confrontation in the idaho wilderness. >> this afternoon, a bicyclist is sentenced in san francisco after pleading guilty to physical any manslaughter in the first conviction of its kind in the nation. chris will not serve jail time but will be sentenced to three years' probation and the thousand hours of community service. he fatally hit a 71-year-old in the castro district while walking with his wife. the prosecution says the bicyclist was riding recklessly. >> today in santa clara county, th
and brother. james dimaggio left 112- thousand dollars. to hannah anderson's paternal grandmother. a dimaggio family spokesman says, he does not know why dimaggio did this. but he believes it is meant to benefit hannah. dimaggio has a sister, but did not name her as his beneficiary when he selected one back in 20-11. f-b-i agents killed dimaggio in a shootout 10- days ago. in the idaho wilderness. hannah was rescued. and is now back at home. happening now-- a sad end tonight for a stranded whale. the 42-foot fin whale. washed up this morning on stinson beach. and died before help could arrive. kron 4's scott rates is live at stinson beach. where a massive effort is underway to bury the whale. scott? >> crows are wrapping up just a few minutes ago and you can see the area of the beach where they buried that larger mammals. >> all day long this has been such a pictures and eyeballing this 42 ft. long beast appeared >> the 10 baton whale died two hours later and they have been performing an autopsy on the wheel to determine how it died. >> most people think it was separated from his mother or hi
the red flag danger will end. >> new details this morning involving james dimaggio the man accused kid kidnapping a san diego teen the dimaggio family is requesting d.n.a. samples from 16-year-old hannah anderson. they think dimaggio killed her mother and brother and set the bodies and home on fire before taking off for the wilderness with hannah and died in a shootout with the f.b.i. she was returnd to her father. a spokesman for dimaggio says that they want to know if dimaggio is the father of hannah and her brother. the 40-year-old left a life insurance policy to the grandmother expecting her to take care of them. >> one of the pit bulls that attacked a 4th grade boy in antioch is scheduled to be euthanized. the boy left the hospital a week and a half after being mauled. this is how he looked after the first surgery in sacramento. the other dog is quarantined. the mother says doctors will remost bandages tomorrow to see if he needs a third surgery. a fundraiser is held at four buffalo wild wings locations. a portion of the sales will be donated to his recovery fund. >> a 20-year old
the motivation for his crime unclear. perhaps a clearer picture of james dimaggio is his friend andrew acting as the family's spokesman. welcome back, andrew. complicated development in this story, which i want to cut to right now with you there is a request from james dimaggio's only surviving sibling laura for dna from the anderson family. why is this? >> it's a story that's largely been blown up in the media and not exactly accurate. there is a leak through social media that laura dimaggio picked up on that there was a possibility that either ethan or hannah had been the -- or may have been the children of james dimaggio, but it's not something that she actively believes. she already has dna samples and has not asked the anderson family at all for dna samples. in fact, they spoke on friday night, brett and laura and it was very clear that they both had misgivings about the tragedy. what we're really dealing with here is trying to get answers. there is -- you know, there is a difference between trying to explain a tragedy and condemn a tragedy. certainly, we condemn james for the actions th
if james dimaggio is the father of both children. dimaggio left thousands of dollars from a life insurance to hannah's grandmother. his sister says.. they don't want to contest the policy.. but just want to know if he's the father of hannah and ethan. "there's been a lot of rumors about whether or not jim might be the father of either or both children. we find it strange that he's left all this money without any explanation." dimaggio was killed in a shootout with federal authorities earlier this month. the... italian ship... that ran aground early last year... will finally be turned... upright, next month. this is... the... costa concordia... . currently laying... in the ocean... / it's ...taken months of preparation... to raise it./.. but removing it... from the sea... competely... isn't expected... until sometime... in 2014.... / 32 people died... when the ship capsized.../. the trial... for the captain... is scheduled to continue next month, as well. toss to tony pagnotti - backyard bbq the ravens make a trade... who did they receive and who was sent to the indianapolis colts... next i
of the kidnapping of san diego teen hannah anderson and the death of her mother and brother. james lee dimaggio exchanged a dozen calls before she was picked up from cheerleading practice august 4. both phones were turned off a few hours later. the warrants describe how dimaggio took her on several day trips, mostly to mall brew and hollywood. officials believe dimaggio's sister was helping him exchanging a large number of calls on day of the kidnapping. her mother and brother were tortured and killed before the house was set on fire. f.b.i. agents gunned down dimaggio in a camp site in the idaho wilderness. >> investigators in alabama hope to recover the black box from a deadly cargo plane crash in birmingham. we have a live picture of the wreckage sitting there as we have daylight there in birmingham. this plane went down half a mile from the airport yesterday morning and burst into flames killing the two pilots. of thes to recover the plane recorders have been delayed because part of the aircraft was still moldering. investigators say there were no distress calls before the crash, and the ac
whether her captor, james dimaggio, was her biological father. this after dimaggio's sister requested dna samples from both hannah and her younger brother, ethan. ethan and the children's mother were killed in a fire at dimaggio's home. >> there's been a lot of rumors about whether or not jim might be the father of either or both children. we find it strange he's left all of this money without any explanation. >> dimaggio named hannah's grandmother as the beneficiary of his $110,000 life insurance policy. so far, the andersons have not responded to the dna request. >>> a san francisco strip club that made national headlines is closing its doors in two weeks. the general manager of the lusty ladies says he can only afford about half of the $17,000 monthly rent. the club opened in 1976 and it made history in 1997 when strippers formed the exotic dancers' union, the first unionized sex business in the nation. workers tell ktvu, they are planning a big closing party. >>> joseph naso is now eligible for the death penalty. this after a marin county jury found the 79-year-old guilty of murdering
and reveals new information about her relationship with james lee dimaggio. >> reporter: hannah anderson spoke to nbc for the first time about her kidnapping and rescue. >> in the beginning i was a victim but now knowing everyone is helping me i am a survivor. >> reporter: hannah anderson was kidnapped by james lee dimaggio. mese would find the bodies of her mother and brother at his burned home. hannah anderson responded to questions about why she exchanged text messages with james lee dimaggio. >> they were text because he was picking me up from cheer camp and he didn't know the address so i had to tell him the address and tell him i would be in the gym. >> reporter: she also explained why she sent him letters. >> letters were from a year ago when me and my mom weren't getting along. we would talk about how to deal with it. i would tell him how i felt about it and he would help me through it. they were just to help me through tough times. >> reporter: a week after the kidnapping horse back riders in the wilderness spotted them. james lee dimaggio was killed by fbi agents and hannah anderson
dimaggio, this month. police found the bodies of her mother and her brother in dimaggio's home in san diego. anderson, the girl, and dimaggio exchanged more than a dozen cames on the days before she was kidnapped. in the interview yesterday, she said those were texts, not phone calls and the 16-year-old also thanked everyone who supported her. >> in the beginning i was a victim but, now, knowing everyone out this is help me, i consider myself a survivor instead. my mom raised me to be strong. >> dimaggio was killed in an f.b.i. shootout in idaho and left a lifens policy to hannah's grandmother. >> new this morning, convicted army pvt. manning wants to live as a woman and begin hormone treatments as soon as possible according to a statement made by the 25-year-old this morning. the soldier plans to be called chelsea manning. he was sentenced yesterday to 35 years in military prison for leaking 700,000 classified documents to wikileaks. reuters released this photo of manning dressed as a woman in 2010 during the trial, he said the client struggled with gender identity as a gay soldier part of
dimaggio may have tortured hanna's mother and brother and authorities believe james dimaggio's sister may help him. a preliminary autopsy showed dimaggio was shot at least five times. meanwhile, hanna herself is speaking out what happened to her. she analyzed questions from strangers on the social networking site ask dot fm. it was days after her rescue. joining me to answer questions a psychologist and medical director of children and family services. we spoke, extraordinary revelations from the warrants issued. according to the documents, dimaggio tortured and killed his best friend's wife and son and shot and killed the dog. dimaggio set the house on fire and goes into detail about that. it also, if you couple it with the revolutions from hanna anderson in this very far reaching series of questions and answers with random strangers she revealed details why she had no idea, what had happened to her mother and son and he had persuaded her that he needed her help in carrying stuff to the river and that she had to take backpack after backpack up there for him and he was armed and dange
's kidnapper, james dimaggio. according to a search warrant, the bodies of christina anderson and the family dog were discovered in dimaggio's deta detached garage. inside the house, the remains of ethan anderson. according to the warrant, phone records showed that hannah anderson and dimaggio called each other about 13 times before their phones were turned off the day she was kidnapped. today, a coroner said an autopsy shows that dimaggio was shot at least five times. he was killed by the fbi tactical agent after a manhunt. tonight we know why hannah anderson didn't try to escape. he would have killed me. that's what hannah said in her first public interview in an online chat room. she fielded questions online posting about her mom and brother and what happened the night that dimaggio killed them. her openness has stunned some, but she the a 16-year-old girl doing what teenagers often do. casey wian reports. >> reporter: 16-year-old hannah anderson is sharing details about her kidnapping on social media. she fielded questions on a site about her abduction by james dimaggio. a user asked, di
james dimaggio tricked us when he invited her family over saying he was losing his house because of money issues. investigators later found the bodies of her mother and brother inside the home after it burned to the ground. the website says dimaggio had the house set to where it would catch on fire at a certain time. another comment says dimaggio was armed. >> kind of a gut feeling, like they didn't belong. >> reporter: so when they ran into two couples riding horses in idaho's backcountry, the post says, i had to act calm. i didn't want them to get hurt. i was scared he would kill them. while in the wilderness, the website says dimaggio forced hannah to camouflage his car with tree branches and made her carry 50 pound back pacs up mountains back and forth. adding he took me to get him to the river. it's unclear exactly what that means. psychiatrists say coming back from such trauma is painful but possible. >> the most important thing for them to do as a family is to mourn and grieve. so going through the processes, whether it's a funeral or a memorial service, those are the next
at the home of the andersons' long-time friend, james dimaggio. they say hannah's mother and 8-year-old brother were tortured before killed and the house was set on fire. a crowbar and what appears to be blood found near christina anderson's head. even the family's dog, shot dead. earlier this week, hannah's father acknowledged it would be a tough road ahead. >> as for my daughter, the healing process will be slow. she has been through a tremendous horrific ordeal. >> reporter: in her postings on the social networking website ask.fm, 16-year-old hannah said dimaggio, quote, deserved what he got, end quote. but this morning, the warrants are raising new questions about what happened. they say hannah and dimaggio exchanged about 13 phone calls at some point before she was kidnapped. but the exact time period is unclear. the documents also reveal that an unknown person picked hannah up from cheerleading practice the day she disappeared. about the same time, both her phone and dimaggio's were turned off. and the warrants describe day trips dimaggio took hannah on. most recently to malib
a bizarre development in the abduction of hannah anderson. the sister of suspect james dimaggio is asking the anderson family for dna tests. dimaggio's family believes he may have fathered hannah and her 8-year-old brother ethan. no one saw this coming. >> so many twists and turns in this story. after james dimaggio died it was revealed he left behind $112,000 in life insurance money to the family of his alleged victims. it will go to bernice anderson, hannah and ethan's paternal grandmother. the dimaggios are not contesting the policy but they are asking to have dna testing to find out if hannah and ethan may be the its children of dimaggio. the reason, according to a family spokesman, she wants to know if dimaggio was actually the children's biological father. >> there's been a lot of rumors about whether or not jim might be the father of either of both children. we find it strange he's left all this money without any explanation. >> reporter: that money is from a life insurance policy that named hannah's paternal grandmother. it reportedly is worth around $110,000. jim's sister was rep
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is here next, plus a really bizarre twist in the james dimaggio case. police say he killed christina and ethan anderson and then took off with christina's teenage daughter hannah. but tonight dimaggio's sister is throwing a wrench into that investigation. a live report from san diego coming up. [ dad ] in that driveway, is a german-engineered piece of awesome. that i got for 0% apr. good one, dad. thank you, dalton. [ male announcer ] it's the car you won't stop talking about. ever. hurry in to the volkswagen best. thing. ever.vent. and get 0% apr for 60 months, now until september 3rd. that's the power of german engineering. i put in the hours and built a strong reputation in the industry. i set goals and worked hard to meet them. i've made my success happen. so when it comes to my investments, i'm supposed to just hand it over to a broker and back away? that's not gonna happen. avo: when you work with a schwab financial consultant, you'll get the guidance you need with the control you want. talk to us today. reinforced with scratch- resistant glass and a unibody made kevlar strong.
. records show on the same day of the murders dimaggio exchanged several calls with his sister. she has not been charged in the case. 13 phone calls were made between dimaggio and hannah. it revealed dimaggio was shot at least 5 times in the head and chest after he fired at fbi agents first in the wilderness. he died at the scene and the agents were able to safely rescue hannah. >> anna kooiman live for us thank you. >>> you are going to have to dig a little deeper when you pay tore your cell phone bill that is because president obama is pushing for a sir charge. good morning peter when you look at your cell phone bill as it is there are already all kinds of sir charges. what's this one about? >> this is about a new plan. the white house wants to put internet in 99 percent of the nation's school within five years for connect ed. the technology is there so why not. the administration wants you to pay for it. the money for this plan comes from jacking up every american's cell phone bill. >> probably on the order of $5 or less a year on cell phone numbers on an individual cell phone owner.
dimaggio says the 16 year old and her younger brother could be dimaggio's children. >> i would like to get a dna test of hannah and if we can get one from ethan. >> dimaggio is accused of killing hannah's mother and brother. so could the biological connection be real? this is just a bizarre allegation. i know you spent time with hannah's grandparents today. what did they have to say about the latest assertions that he could have been her father? >> it's a very bizarre twist. it is a story that started out where it seemed like we knew what would happen? these weirder angles started to come in now. one thing i want you to hear now is from the brother of hannah's grandmother. her mother, christina, christina's uncle. he had very fiery words today for the dimaggio sister claiming he could be the father of hannah and heathen. take a listen to this. >> not only has this dimaggio terrorist brutally murdered parts of my family but now the other part of the family is insinuating that tina was unfaithful and that my niece and grand niece and nephew were not brett's children. and that alone is
suspected murderer and kidnaper james dimaggio. unsealed search warrants say he tortured 16-year-old hannah anderson's mother and brother, and then he set his home on fire with them inside and abducted hannah. she has since been rescued. the documents say dimaggio even shot and killed the family's dog. the exact nature of the alleged torture is unknown but when police arrived at dimaggio's burning california phone they found 8-year-old ethan anderson, his body was so badly burned it took days to identify. police found 44-year-old christina anderson under a tarp in the garage next to a crowbar. dimaggio was a long time friend of the anderson's. he was killed saturday in idaho during a shoot-out with police. the warrants also revealed officials suspected dimaggio's sister may have been helping him the day he abducted anderson because of "an unusually large volume of calls. ." >>> a wildfire in utah has burned 14 homes and threatening others. fire officials say it has scorched 2,000 acres and just 25% contained. wildfires are burning in at least 11 western states from alaska to new mexico. >>>
friend - james dimaggio. she was spotted walking into the boll weevil restaurant in lakeside today. that's where a fundraiser was being held for her family. while hannah was rushed inside the restaurant. her father spoke outside the fundraiser. >>".right now we're just looking for her future and getting her settled. that's about it right now." " there are new disturbing details in the hannah anderson case-- a san diego judge unsealed the police search warrants. which reveal a lot about the night of the alleged kidnapping and murder of the teenager's family. casey wian reports. grisly new details are surfacing in the alleged kidnapping and murder case of suspect james dimaggio. according to these newly released search "dimaggio tortured and killed his best friend's wife and eight year old son. shot and killed the family dog." police also say they found "a crow bar and what appeared to be blood on the ground" next to christina anderson's body. the 40-year-old dimaggio then allegedly set his house on fire and kidnapped the couple's 16-year-old daughter, hannah. who the documents say he spok
: investigators say hannah anderson was abducted on august 4th by james dimaggio. in court documents they say dimaggio torture and killed christina anderson and 8-year-old brother ethan. their bodies were found in the burnt rubble of dimaggio's san san diego county home. dimaggio took hannah 1,000 miles away from home while police issued an amber alert. the two were spotted hiking in the woods by horseback riders who called police. hannah's father brett thanked the riders by telephone. >> it was a wonderful thing, a chance encounter, but it did save my daughter's life. >> reporter: responding fbi agents shot and killed dimaggio and rescued anderson, quickly returning her to san diego. >> right now she's with her family, and, of course, with some friends, and she's just happy to be here. >> reporter: and so are her neighbors. >> everyone does care for her, and we are all pitching in to help, and we're very thankful that she's back and safe. >> reporter: brett anderson says he'll donate any money left over from the fund-raising effort to help exploited children. teresa garcia, cbs news, los angeles. >>>
instead it was august 4, hannah was allegedly kidnapped by the family friend james dimaggio. police would later find the bodies of her mother and brother at dimaggio's burned home, hahn wra responded to questions about she exchanged 13 text messages with him on the day of the kidnapping. >> they were texts because he was picking me up from cheer camp and he didn't know the address or what, like where i was. i had to tell him the address can tell him i was going to be in the gym. not at the school. >> she explained why she sent letters. >> letters were from a year ago when me and my mom weren't getting along well, me and him would talk about how to deal with it and i would tell him how i felt bit. and he helped me through it. they were just to help three through tough time autos horse back riders spotted hannah and dimaggio. dimaggio was killed by an fbi agent and hannah, returned to her family in southern california. >> i wanted to think the worst -- i wanted to thank the amber alert and sheriff and fbi with everyone that put in their time to find me. >> the ordeal isn't over for hannah.
-out property of kidnapped and murdered suspect of james lee dimaggio. hannah's father thanked the public for their support. >> right now, she just wanted to come out and thank these people personally. >> is it difficult? >> it is very difficult. every moment is difficult for her but thank you very much. >> funeral services for the mother and brother are set for august 24th. the suspect, james dimaggio, fled with hannah anderson after allegedly killing her mother and brother and that sparked an amber alert that spanned across six states until authorities found her alive in idaho and shot and killed dimaggio. >>> a dui crackdown is underway in santa clara county and has resulted in more than a dozen arrests so far. since 12:01, officers have arrested 15 people for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. tonight, more checkpoints scheduled in san jose. we are told there will also be extra dui patrols in campbell, gilroy and santa clara. it is supposed to continue through labor day in the south bay. also, in the south bay, san jose's annual pride celebration is going on this weekend
left the life insurance money to their relative. james lee dimaggio's family said that $112,000 is going to bernise anderson, the grandmother of 16-year-old hannah. hannah was rescued on august 10 in the fbi shootout in idaho that killed dimaggio. dimaggio's family says they don't know why he left the money to the grandmother that it was probably for hannah's benefit. >>> the deadline for every american to buy health insurance under obama care is just months away starting on january 1. you'll pay a penalty. if you don't have it according to the local non-profit insurance premiums have gone up 170% over the last decade. a new field poll finds that 50% of the california voters have difficulty affording health care. now, some that work out of the popular retailer will not have theirs paid for by their employer. kpix 5 on the criticism that is mounting against forever21. >> reporter: some of the workers got the bad news last week. hours are getting cut, no more vacation time, and they are losing medical, dental, and vision coverage. they are being hypocrites, especially after ha
mother and brother. the reason that james dimaggio family is demanning dna samples from hanna anderson's family and why he may have rigged his car with explosives. >>> we're one week away from the closing of the golden gate bridge for the labor day festivities. >> these are the areas that we expect to see more chp deployment and depending on the jurisdiction, maybe more local police. >> and another busy area willing the 880 and 990 interchange. the most congested dates and times will be the august 29th and 30th. and monday afternoon as people return from their holiday travels. a news briefing this afternoon, law enforcement and bridge administrators will discuss in depth public safety other than the closure. >>> the san francisco bay ferry will operate additional boats. fair managers willout line their plans on friday. and ktvu.com, you'll find a couple section dedicate to the bay bridge and the upcoming closure. and you'll find live time traffic. look for the hot topic section. >>> a man a victim of a hit-and- run will unlikely ever walk again. he suffered a break enback and severely
was kidnapped in southern california earlier this month and rescued eventually in idaho after abductor james dimaggio was gunned down by police. the bodies of both her mother and her brother were found in dimaggio's burned home. dimaggio says her mother is the reason she is able to see herself as a survivor. >> in the beginning, i was a victim. but now, knowing everyone out there is helping me, i consider myself a survivor instead. my mom raised me to be strong. >> didn't get a chance to catch that we have posted hannah's full interview on our website, nbcbayarea.com. all you have to do is search hannah haanderson. >>> firefighters battiling a house fire in halfway make a discovery ofdroefrsd marijuana plants. they responded to garage fire lon laurie way at 10:30 last night. when they went inside, they found a marijuana grow operation. they found the plants four to five feet tall and several areas of the home, including three bedrooms and also the garage. >> there's multiple plants in each room of this three-bedroom house, i would guesstimate over 200 plants. >> amazing. i never knew anything like th
to the today show about her relationship with her, duck tore, dimaggio. the rampage began in the san diego neighborhood of boulevard whether he killed hannah's mother and breesh and set the house on fire afterwards. investors revealed they found letters from hannah in dimaggio's destroyed home. >> in the letters were from like a year ago when me and my mom were not getting along. me and him would talk about how to deal with it and i would tell him how i felt about it and he helped me through it. they were not anything bad. they were to help me through tough times. >> police in idaho killed dimaggio in a shootout. the full interview son our website, nbcbayarea.com. all you have to do is search hannah anderson. >>> a million of anything, even something small, address up to a lot so imagine then what a million good deeds adds up to. >> that's how they measure success at one south bay soup kitchen. a million meals every four years thanks in large part to a woman who brought her corporate experience. >> jessica, ms. cruz says one day while work, for hp her manager asked her about her long-term
details including dimaggio may have tortured hannah's mother and brother. autopsy shows he was shot five times the cause of death will not be formally determined until toxicology tests have been performed. hannah is speaking out about what happened to her. she answered questions from strangers by strangers on ask.fm. joining me is charles sophi, the psychiatrist of the l.a. county department of family and children services. extraordinary revelations coming out from the warrants issued. according to these documents james dimaggio torch and killed his best friend's wife and 8-year-old son and shot the dog after a double homicide and set the house on fire. he goes in to more detail about that. it also, if you couple it with the revelations from hannah anderson in this very far-reaching series of questions and answers with random strangers, she revealed more details about why she had no idea apparently what happened to her mother and son and he befriended her that he needed help in carrying stuff to the river and she had to take backpack after backpack for him and he was armed an dangerous t
time to get them in on our facebook and new information about what james dimaggio did to the mother and brother of hannah anderson *before the kidnapping. kron-4 news at six continues. >> will be back after the break of kron 4 news. look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] switch and add a wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles rethink possible. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does. it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switch from electricity to gas to extend your driving range. no wonder volt is america's best-
and brother. ammunition and letters from hannah were found in james dimaggio's home. it's not clear what was said in the letters. court documents show they made 13 phone calls to each other before both of their phones were turned off the day investigators say hannah was kidnapped. the sheriff is revealing details about what happened when fbi agents confronted the suspect in idaho. >> he had a rifle. fired one round. lowered the rifle to shoulder height, fired one more round and was immediately shot by members of the hostage rescue team. >> reporter: the story brings back memories for danielle. she says dimaggio's father, james dimaggio sr. threatened to kill her. she was 16, the same age as hannah. >> good support. she seems like a strong girl. i think she'll make it through. it's going to be a tough road for her. >> reporter: hannah's family is thrilled to have her back in their sights. for "today," joe friar, nbc news, san diego. >> hannah anderson and james dimaggio were discovered by horseback riders who saw they looked out of place. they called authorities. kevin tibbles traveled to
questions whether gamings dimaggio -- james dimaggio is a lot more than a family friend. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing live tv from southwest. now you can turn your device into your television. try it for free today, only on southwest airlines. on the air. in the air. with live tv. high fructose corn syrup from yoplait original and light, we were like, "sure. no problem!" and you were like, "thanks, but what about thick & creamy and whips!" and we were like, "done and done! now it's out of everything yoplait makes." and you were all, "yum!" and we're like, "is it just us, or has this been a really good conversation?" and you were like, "i would talk, but my mouth is full of yogurt." yoplait. it is so good! . >>> welcome back. time now 5:55. information on the abduction of hannah anderson. dimaggio used a timer to burn down the house in rural san diego county earlier this month. inside the bodies of hannah's mother and brother were found. the timer prompted investigators to warn the public dimaggio could have booby trapped his car. >>> meantime, dimaggio's family trying to resol
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